Imagine a World Where Companies Earned Revenue For Improving Society’s Mood

We're building a financial market that incentivizes companies to improve consumers and employee's moods. Greater positive impact, more revenue. We're starting with incentivizing large app makers to improve their consumer's moods.


Advisory Board

Dave Morin
“This is one of the most important initiatives of our time – aligning corporate profit with society’s well-being. My personal mission is to end depression, and Stigma is addressing the problem at its core. I’m a proud investor and advisor to the team.
Dave Morin — Founder at Slow Ventures & Sunrise Bio
Cara Hoepner
“Mental health is an epidemic of our generation. Over 1 in 5 people struggle with it. What Stigma is building could become one of the greatest modern contributions to mental health.”
Cara Hoepner — MS, RN, CS, PMHNP-BC

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